Choosing a Mattress: Everything You Need to Know

Hilker Best Mattress for Sleeping Choice

This content was created by the National Sleep Foundation and retrieved from Chances are, you’re pretty picky about the shoes that you wear—especially for exercise—since you know that the wrong ones can set you up for aches and pains. But when was the last time that you thought about the kind of foundation that your mattress […]

6 Simple Steps to Choose the Right Mattress

Picking out a new mattress can be a daunting task. With this quick summary reference from Sleepopolis, we think it has covered the most critical topics you need to know when choosing a mattress. ​​1. Is it time to replace your mattress? Is your mattress over 8 years old? A general rule of thumb is […]

6 Critical Things You Want to Know about Hilker

Hilker Beautiful Mattress - Hilker Premium

UP TO 10,000 SPRING COUNTS A global breakthrough invention with 4-layers of FINGER TOUCH® Micro Hybrid Coils that gives you extra weight and pressure distribution hence extraordinary comfort as compared to conventional mattresses 20 TIMES MORE COMFORT The structure design of Triple-decker Pocketed Spring Coils provides you 20 times more comfort in comparison to conventional […]

Four Key Reasons to Own Hilker

Hilker Best Mattress

Modern Design with Human Touch Our everyday life has changed tremendously in this technological advancement world with fast speed, loud noise, and automation control. Along with the creation of innovative and ingenious product features, Hilker never forgetting the basic value of life – the human touch. It is not just a modern design but a […]