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Hilker Mattress Thailand - Hilker Founders

About Hilker

Back then as today, the Hilker brand stands for technical know-how and reliability.

Back in 1888, a young and talented entrepreneur by the name of Ernst Hilker started a small furniture business that manufactures first class designer pieces in Detmold, Germany. Today…

The profound reasons to own Hilker.

Hilker Mattress Thailand - High Technology Production

The Hilker mattress technology and the use of high-quality materials are our success for healthy sleep.

Sleeping is important, like eating and drinking, and research has made tremendous progress in recent decades. Our development team is constantly in contact with doctors and suppliers to learn the latest findings and integrate them into our products.

  • High quality foams
  • Various pocket spring cores, partly including Titanium
  • Natural Latex
  • Different degrees of hardness

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